What I did at noon on 19 July 2012

Kheong asked,
if we could play badminton this evening?
I said,
I need to get my stuffs from home,
I don’t have them in my office.
So I walked for 20 minutes towards home,
and called my mom if she need to have me buying the lunch.
She said she had the porridge,
and asked me not to buy anything for her.
When I arrived home,
the door has been opened for me.
I packed my stuffs,
and walked into the kitchen,
to prepare the fruit juice for mom,
and for myself.
It was apple plus guava juice.
Mom asked,
if I was going to eat something.
I said no,
because I was not feeling hungry.
Then I headed back to my office,
and thought I should write,
the little things that I have done today.


3 Responses

  1. sweet day expressed in a cute poem.

    • It is not meant to be a poem, but somehow I like to feel the rhythm in the writing=). Thanks for commenting Sharmishtha, I have read some of your posts but not commenting on them yet, because I was writing, or processing photos during the weekend. I want to squeeze out more time for reading and writing.

      • do squeeze out more time for writing! 🙂

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