Great nature parks of Singapore

I lived in Singapore between year 1994 to 2002 before going to Europe. During my living in Singapore, I often traveled to my homeland Malaysia for the mountain hiking, and scuba diving. The nature in Malaysia, is gorgeous, but now coming back to Singapore, I found it has its own charm for being a small tropical island. The Singapore Botanic Garden is the most beautiful garden I have been to among the gardens in the cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, and London (and much bigger in area than any of them, even consider the size of the Singapore island). Sungei Buloh (Sungei, and old world in Malay means river) is another great place for a nature walk, and during the birds migrating season, thousands of birds and many species of them can be spotted. I have been to the Bukit Timah (Bukit in Malay means hill, and Timah is Tin) and Pulau Ubin (Pulau means island in Malay) Nature Reserved many times, but last Sunday’s walk with my friends Pang Meng, and Neha from the Kent Ridge Park to the Mt. Faber, I discovered another jewel of the parks in Singapore.

The walk from Kent Ridge Park to Mt Faber begins at the National University of Singapore, and stretches for about 8 km. As the name implied, that the walk is on the ridge of the hill. and some facilities are built nicely for the visitors, like the canopy walk. The Hortpark is another great place to wander around, with the pond, exotic tropical plants and trees, and a small butterfly garden (opened every last Sat of the month, from 9-12pm) to enjoy a relax weekend. The park is located just before the Alexander Arch bridge, where the ascend to Mt. Faber is taken place. From the Alexander Arch bridge, Pang Meng, Neha, and I had a pleasant ascend to Mt. Faber through the forest walkway that passing through the secondary forest before we were heading for the beautiful architectural design named the Henderson Waves, which is an elevated pedestrian bridge of 26 m in height, and a magnificent view of the harbor and the Sea in the West.

I did not take too many photos with my little camera, but Pang Meng, Neha, and me, who come from China, Nepal, and me from Malaysia, have enjoyed every bit of our sweat in this walk of Nature in Singapore.

Kee Chua
8 Aug 2012, Singapore

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At the Henderson Waves

A view to the west from the Henderson Waves

A flower in Hortpark.


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  2. I have been to Malaysia but not Singapore! I think I missed a great deal of fun!!
    A great post!

    • Your need a spiritual guide =) to walk around city like Singapore, because it is as easy to get lost of the way as well as the mind because the image it has portrait. For cultural part of Malaysia, Melaka and Penang are both wonderful places to go, for Islands, Tioman, and Redang are OK, but Sipadan is one of the best in the world, and for mountains and jungles, that’s in Borneo Islands, the heaven where I come from. You know now, you have a friend in Singapore to bring you around!

      • Awww.. you are so kind and sweet. Thank you so much! Hope to get through a spiritual visit soon!

  3. the photographs are amazing kee. i will see some more in google and taste the beauty of the place you so love.

    • I have an extreme love to Nature, and there are so many beautiful things happen around us! The other day I read two blogs about little things mean a lot, and this is one of them =).

      The only thing not realized by most people in this city, is they forget to lift their head and see the sky, there is always something beautiful to appreciate, and here in Singapore, there is abundance.

    • I am just like you. Even though Kolkata is concrete jungle still i soak whatever is left of nature in it, a patch of grass, some green trees, a bird, a butterfly…..

      but i do miss living right inside its heart.

  4. this is really cool and interesting!

    • Yes, Singapore is a small island has so much to offer.

      Thanks Irene =)

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