Haw Par Villa

When I first visited Haw Par Villa, it was in 1992. That was the first time I came to Singapore, on a cargo ship. The journey took me more than a week from my home town in Miri, Borneo Island to this little island where I would spend my life for many years to come, and that time, I did not foresee this. Haw Par Villa was a theme park 20 years ago, I guess it is built based on the model of the Disney land, but for the Asian in South East Asia. Obviously it did not survive, and now it is just a normal park for tourist to showcase some of the Chinese, and Indians cultural values.

The park combines the Chinese mythological legends with the Hinduism/Buddhism religious stories. It is all about the Karma, if one is doing good deed in one’s life, he or she would not be tortured in hell, and may even join various Deities in Heaven. I like the idea, and I like the imagination. It is good for people to believe in Heaven, and Hell, so that we human do not harm each other. I like Buddhism for the view that all kind of life forms on Earth should be respected. I am not thinking of going to Heaven, and I am definitely do not want to go to Hell, but still I like everything in this park, it is about our wish to have a World with lots of Love. Do not you agree?

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This is the Chinese word ‘Tiger’, it is the first word of the Haw Par Villa.20120920-220528.jpg

I like the colour of the door with the decorated wall, it is like an entrance to the heaven with the cloud-like wall. 20120920-220547.jpg

I am surprised to see an old wall sculpture with the pure Malay elements, so wonderful.20120920-220607.jpg

This statue is a Heaven warrior.20120920-220617.jpg

I like women warriors, they have the elements of Love, softness, and BRAVE!20120920-220628.jpgThe soldier or warrior from the Hell or Heaven, sometime have the scary facial expression to frighten the evil spirits.


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  1. Beautiful mix of photographs and interesting read thanks for sharing xo

  2. amazing!

  3. Shellibodenwieser.soup.io

    Haw Par Villa | River of the heart

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