Mom, 21 Sep 2012

in coma,
at 5 pm.



12 Responses

  1. Not to be so sad my friend, I am sure she knows you care for her. You can talk to her, she can hear you….

  2. May Almighty gives strength you and your family members and may she recover soon. Amen.

  3. So sorry to read this.

  4. I m sorry this happened, be strong! Pan

  5. I am so sorry …
    Take Care,

  6. Very sad. Sending you strength.

  7. so very few words. so very much love. Take care.

  8. hope and pray she gets well soon my dear friend. may angels be with you two and hold you through this phase!

  9. do let us know how she is!

  10. She is lucky to have you with her during this time.

  11. So sorry~

    • Dear Cindy

      If I looked back the journey my life the moment my mom closed her eye, she has given me the most beautiful part of my life and memory. She should take a rest because to love her children for so long was exhausting I feel. I am glad too now she does not have any suffering in life now.

      I am also happy for you, for everyday you are enjoying your life, with the flowers, the old village, and farms, just simply wonderful. Although in Singapore there is no a lot of beautiful natures, but as I always say, I am looking for little things in life =).

      Wish you have a nice weekend,

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