Mom, 23 Sep 2012

Mom is into her third day in the Hospital, and my second night by her side.

Mom is always afraid to be alone, she is afraid of a lot of things in life,and she has the kind of character like a little girl. But she has been very strong throughout the good and bad times in her life. She is born in Borneo in 1936, and the Second World War in Asia erupted in 1937 in China when the massive invasion of the Japanese into China. The war zone extended rapidly to engulf the region in the South East Asia, forcing the British, and the Dutch to abandon their grip too to the peninsular Malaya, Indonesia, and the Borneo Island. Life was not easy as I was told by my Mom. She married my father, who escaped too with his family from the Southern China during the Second World War. According to my father, he came from a wealthy family who own some lands in his hometown in Putian, Fujian province in China. My father was not wealthy at all when he married my mom, it was another hardship in life in a different phase for my mother. She have six kids, and I am the only son. I often wonder, how come mom’s character is still very much like a little girl, even now she is 76. It still remains a mystery to all of my siblings.

Yesterday, Sunday, 22 Sep 2012, was another historical event for me and my family. For the first time in 37 years, all of my siblings were here. It is our love to our mother that has brought us here, at this place at the National University Hospital in Singapore. I took the photo, and I know, after my mom has gone, there will be no such opportunity ever again. Love, is such a magnificent thing. I still feel that mom is like a little girl, and yet, she has six children, and all of them love her so much. I believe that I see enough families, to conclude that my Mom is the luckiest Mom in the World. It remains a mystery to me, that what is the secret for her to become such a successful Mom.

Mom sleeps like a baby on the bed in the ward, but most of the time, she is struggling. I saw the same struggling of my father, when I was staying with him at the same hospital for two weeks. Unlike my Mom, Father has an extremely strong character, but a loving person as well. I cannot keep my eye away, when a life hangs on a cliff, with the gravity of death pulling the soul. I always keep my eye opened, to see how life is struggling at each and every second, and with me, struggling and pulling at the opposite end. So I stayed by my Father’s side day and night, to touch him, and to whisper to him. I wanted him to know, I was always there with him, and even if he was going to Heaven, I make sure that I send all my Love to his soul through my touch, and my whisper. I pulled him up out of the cliff eventually, but he lived on for another three months, without me by his side. Now, I want to do the same thing for my Mom. I wish her to know, like I did for my father, there is always an Angel by her side, waiting them on Earth in love, or flying them to Heaven with love.

It still remains a mystery to me, what a beautiful life just with this simple Love, so ordinary, and yet lasted for an eternity.

Kee Chua
Ward 64, Bed 47, National University Hospital,
Singapore, 4 a.m., 23 Sep 2012.

My apology that I have not replied to many comments, at this moment I am just focusing on taking care of my mom, and to find sometime for writing one or two posts.

This post is reedited on 30 Sep 2012, and mom is entering the 9th day of her unconsciousness ( and my 7th night at the hospital), in the medical term, this means that she is almost a hopeless case. But I always believe in miracle to come upon for those who does not give up the effort to save a life.






11 Responses

  1. Keep Well and Keep Strong,

    • Dear Daniela,

      I will keep trying to bring her back, and hopefully she can have good responds, and speak to me soon.

      Thank you.

  2. we are all angels, your mother is a angel to you, and you are angel to your mom, so letting and watching the angle fly to her heavenly paradise, isn’t it a beautiful wish ? ( hope my word can ease your sorrow…..)

    • Dear Sydney,

      I hope that she is able to fly now, but now she is trapped. The only way is to bring her back to us, since the other way is not viable. I am very happy that I am able to take care of my mom, and now is the precious moment for me show how much I love her.

      Thank you for your kind wish, and I will keep continue to try to stimulate her respond, and hopefully she could wake up very soon.


  3. Hope your mum gets well soon! You are a warrior and so is she!


    • Sometime by lifting her hand, and to see if free fall when I release her hand, is disappointing after 10 days of continuous effort to stimulate the respond from her leg and her hand. But I am sure if I am the one who is lying on the bed, my mom will not give up on me, and so do I.

      I will keep trying.

      Thanks Naima.
      Love, ❤

  4. Keep the faith KC, I’m here also pulling for you.

    • Thanks Donah. Currently there is no improvement yet since there were two strokes, and the second is a massive one. Just take time for her to respond well.


  5. take care of yourself and your mother.

    • now she has transferred to the nursing home, I can only go to visit her between 4-8 pm. Before that I have already stay with her for 18 nights in the hospital, I am always afraid that she will feel lonely. I also stayed with my father for more than two weeks in the hospital.

      Before she is waking up, I won’t rest but just to try my best to bring her back =). My sisters and I want to bring her home.

      Thanks Sharmishtha for your kind concern.


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