The cycle

《循环》 The cycle


with Love
and therefore its meaning
but Death
in her eternal silence
has given all her love to the world


Revised on 2016年9月12日

22 Responses

  1. I sucked my breath in and let it out after reading this. Mystery it is, isn’t it??

    • Your comment is always a mystery to me :), because it makes me to read my own writing again, and to make me feel differently with it. It is not a flattering, but is my true feeling.

      I am still in the battle to save mom from the darkness, so everyday is very exhausted, but that is life, and the way to understand life more thoroughly.

      Aren’t you are leaving to UK now?


      • Next week most probably, my passport is in the embassy to get stamped! =)

      • Oh, I know it is quite tedious to apply for UK work or study permit. I wish things proceed smoothly with your study plan, and it must be very exciting to start a totally new life in a foreign country!

        All the best! 🙂


      • More than exciting, I am nervous! This is the first time I will be travelling without my family – not that easy.
        Thank you for the wishes!

      • Don’t forget you can always get some advices and opinions from you regarding living in Europe. I can say that I know and understand a lot of cultures and people there after living for about 10 years. There are something just need to be specially careful in human relationship because things are always looks good at the surface, especially for woman =).


      • Are you really scaring me off more even before I am off for UK??

      • Don’t worry, things always look good for woman there =). There are always good and bad of a country, just be cautious in your living.


      • Yeah, “BE CAUTIOUS” – I have to engrave those words on my heart the way everybody telling me the very same thing. lol.

      • Just do not go alone to anyone’s invitation, dinner of party. You have to reject a lot of kindness of people =) lol.

      • That’s a difficult part for me – NO doesn’t come by that easily for ME =(

      • You ‘have’ to, exclude the one you like =).

      • I will try my best =)

      • I hope your mum is well soon and that you succeed in your battle! Your writing is ever green – that is how I feel!

      • As long as my mom has a breath, I will not give up the hope. If she cannot make it, I will see her in Heaven later :). I always tell my friend, I come from Heaven, and therefore being happy is my nature :).

        Thanks Naima.


      • Oh yeah, your happiness brings cheerfulness to people around you! =)

      • I believe that I have brought enough happiness to my parents, as a happy kid =).


      • Your confidence proves how pleasant son you must have been to them =)

  2. So nice to see you back, take care my friend !

    • Not much time to think about writing since every day is a fierce battle :).
      Thanks Sydney.


  3. very true.

    • I just feel that when we are returning to the soil and to the air eventually, and it is a kind of love too to the world.

      Thanks for your love, and comments for all my writings =)!


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