Update of my recent living in Singapore

I have spent almost 18 nights with my mom in the hospital before she was transferred to the nursing home. I did not want her to feel lonely at night, so that she knew that we were not giving up on her. She has not woken up yet, and has spent for two weeks now in the nursing home. I go to work at 6:30 am everyday, and leave my work place at around 3 or 4 pm. I would stay with her till 8 pm daily (the time when the nursing home is closed for visiting), to massage her, to talk to her, and to let her listen to the music. It is a very exhausting process, but I do it with joy, for the joy of being able to give my love, and for the joy of being able to help.

My sisters and I would tell my mom, and say, “Hey mom, it’s time to go home!”, or “please don’t sleep for too long, and it is time to wake up!”, or simply give her a kiss, and push our face against her face for her to feel the warm of our heart to wish for her to come back. Everyday, being able to see her still alive, and breathing, is the reason that I shed tears of happiness. I would not have doubt on myself, if I can release her from the misery, and to take all her suffering myself. Well, that is also how rich my mom is, richer than any millionaire in the World, because she has all our attention, and love, and without any doubt, full stop.

That’s my life for now.

Kee Chua
21 Oct 2012, Singapore

20 Responses

  1. Your love for your mum is simply humbling.
    Take Care,

    • I am just lucky, to live in a loving family, most importantly, when money and time have become a burden to our lives, my siblings and I still able to shine our smile to each other, and to help =)!

      Thanks Daniela.

  2. i hope everything will be ok..pray cause God will listen to your prayers…take care

    • Thank you Naomikko for your blessing. I will also try my best to get her back, with your ‘spiritual’ support =)!


  3. she is luckiest for she has children like you..my best wishes for her.

    • Dear Soumya,

      I always selfishly wish that she will stay with me and my family forever =).

      Thank you for your blessing!

      • May your wish be fulfilled!

      • =) !

  4. Are you hoping your mum will make a full recovery? She certainly has a lot of love around her.

    • Her recovery is bounded by the rate of regeneration of the brain cells that were dead due to the stroke, but she is 76 now, I cannot expect more, but only to do my best, and my sisters are doing their best as well. We are bringing her home from the nursing home soon, because we could not bear to let her to be alone there at night.

      It is just wonderful to see her at home, and if she really have to go, we want to make sure that she does not feel alone at the very last moment. =).


  5. its a blessing to have son, daughters like you.

    • It is a path of understanding myself, that I am a person that my family can depend on, dearly. I think this is really the time when our heart sing =).

      Bless you too, for happiness now, and for more to come!

  6. 除了祝福,还是祝福,希望事情的发展如你所愿, 任何难事在你们这个充满爱的家庭里都会化解. 潘

    • 潘潘,



  7. Hey Kee!
    Been a long time since I blogged. I was busy with school and things. I decided to stalk on you again.

    I hope that your mom gets better. She is lucky to have a son like you.

    • Hi!

      Sorry for the very late reply. my mom just gone two weeks ago, and since then I could not write anything, and I felt pain in my head when I was trying to write something. I also feel that I have some mental blocked, and that my heart does not sings like before. I hope to come back to write more and to share my thoughts.

      Thank you, and I will come to comment on your blogs soon, and hope to see you are doing well with your study and work.


  8. sometimes we are given a short moment with the one we love…but we have years to spend thinking of them…cherish the sweet memories together…

    ~ bunch of love
    Super G

    • Most of the time, our dreams is small when compared to the love to our parents, that is the greatest thing in life. When Mother was asked about the advice to world peace when she was receiving the Nobel prize, she said, go home and love your family.

      Like in the Alchemist, it took me a journey around the World to realize this.


      • well, life is a learning process…we all do, it is just a matter of sooner or later…

      • That’s is very true.


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