《春天里的你和我》The Spring in You and Me




When I am Happy,
your Singing,
is the song of birds in the Spring

When I am in Sorrow,
your Words,
smell like the fragrance of Flower in the Spring

When I think that I am a Leaf,
waiting for the Spring,
and you tell me, ‘My dear, you are the Sun!’



34 Responses

  1. This is beautiful

    • Thank you, I see the simplicity in the wording as its beauty :).


  2. I like your comparing to nature’s things…….song birds and flowers.
    They are pure and lovely. 🙂

    • Dear Meme,

      I always see my parents, and loved one, through Nature, for them are always kind, and beautiful in my heart :).


      • My friend Meme told me to invite you over to visit my blog.

        She said I needed some more followers and comments. 🙂

        Be sure to read my ABOUT.

  3. Your poetry is so lovely Qi Quan. I’m slowly re-learning my Mandarin reading both the English and Chinese versions together.

    • Dear Audrey

      I hope that you can correct me whenever there is a mistake, and I am sure there are many, because I am good in my Chinese language but not in English language, and I spent quite a lengthy time to think about how to translate them (either English to Chinese or vice versa).

      Life is full of challenges, the bitter part is for myself (and inner wisdom), and the sweet is always for my family and friends (for them has their won bitter parts in life).


  4. I like your bilingual blog.
    If I could read Mandarine I would have more understanding.
    When words are translated they can lose something of their exact meaning.
    Compassion, caring kindness and a smile everyone understands. 🙂
    Kind regards.

    • I can assure you that you did not miss anything, because I have made sure the meaning I want to express is right for both languages. In most cases, more than 80% of the writings, they are not translation of each other, in fact I think in both languages when I am writing. The English and Chinese version complement each other.

      Really glad to have your comment, and waiting too for your criticism, if any =).


      • I have no criticism. I just did not understand till I changed the word Leave to leaf.
        Then I thought in Autumn the leaves fall and the tree longs for spring and the sun to shine. sorry did I got it all wrong? I would like to be able read Toast wisdom writen in Chinese I can never know if the English words are right.
        Wu-wei does it mean action without action; effortless ease or to go with the flow of nature? Thank you.

      • Dear Jack

        You are absolutely right that I used the wrong word! Thank you!

        I have read the Tao De Jing a few times, the book written by Lao Zi. It is very difficult to understand without much life experiences in life. The idea is revolving on the idea of I Ching, the earliest ancient script of China on the philosophy of life. The Taoism is a big step in the advanced in Chinese Philosophy of life.

        Wu Wei, two words, the first means nothing, without, the second means action, to plan. To understand Wu Wei, we need to understand both IChing and the central idea of Taoism. That is, every action, has an reaction (every good has its side effects), and both Ying (Dark) and Yang (light) are not separable. I might be too young to understand Wu Wei, but I want to give you some examples the action with the plan, bear with me, it is kind of long. For me it is important to understand the action with plan, in order to understand Wu Wei.

        1st: China 1 Child Policy
        Deng Xiaoping is a leader with great vision, but we human is limited by our own living experience, and surrounding, we cannot predict future without having a thorough understanding about life, and thus nature. For him, population is just a number, but it is more than a number, it is about how parents love a child if there is only one in a family, about how parents are living when they are getting old, how the child to support them, how the character growth of a child in the family without brothers and sisters, and most important it impacts the whole society in the form of traditional values and beliefs.

        2nd. Singapore to increase the population due to low birthrate
        The ex-prime minister Lee Kuan Yew discouraged family to have too many children in the 60-80s, but after that, the trend has changed and now Singapore has tried all kind of methods to increase the birthrate, but without success, and they increase the population by getting the new migrants.

        Now I can talk about Wu Wei. If I am Deng Xiaoping now, or Lee Kuan Yew, what would I do in their time if I can forsee the future? I simplify them in the folllowing ways, because they are closely related. First let ask what is the cause of the increase of population in China in the 50s? Education! Take Singapore as an example, as it develops into the global hub, higher education makes people tend to have less children in a family (of course they are some other reasons). Then if I come back to Singapore’s issue, what makes the people to have less Children beside high education? Pressure in living!

        Let examine closer, in the 50s in China, education is low, pressure in life is high, means increase population. In the 90s in Singapore, education is high, living pressure is high, means decrease in population. Do you see the parameter that can be varied?

        Education, and living pressure, are two parameters of human nature, if we follow the human nature to achieve the result we want to see, then I think this is Wu Wei. How is the water flows? It flows from the high to low altitude. So, to let the water flow to the place we want, we have to create a gradient to let their nature/character follow. But often it is difficult to see such ‘gradient(s)’ in life.

        There is a movie in youtube, asking people to walk on the stair rather than taking the escalator, what the designer do is to make each step of the stair like a piano, each step will make a sound, then you know what would happen already. I hope that I have good elaboration on Wu Wei, it does not mean to do nothing, but to do things that work in the ‘nature’ way, and this require great wisdoms!


      • Would like to understand like you then I could read untranslated Chinese wisdom. Wu-wei. I have no criticism your writing is very good.

      • Dear Jack

        My ultimate aim in the writing, is not to write the imagine, but to imagine the unwritten. Hemingway has some elaboration on this idea I guess.

        I like one of my writings https://riveroftheheartblog.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/《无声的风铃》the-silent-chime/

        In this poem, I want the reader to imagine the flower bulbs under the sun appear translucent, they swing like the chime in the wind, without sound, but with its beauty, I wanted to evoke that it is like the calling from heaven, and I used butterfly as us with a beautiful soul that enjoy and see the moment.

        In another writing, https://riveroftheheartblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/《流淌的河-》the-river-flow/, I want the reader to feel the moving, the lost, and the missing, all of them are in motion, visually, and in sound.

        I tried to use as less words as possible, until the imagination just started to glow.

        Thank you for your very kind comments, and looking forward for more of them!


      • Thank you for explaining every thing to me. I just put a like because WordPress has not got a beautiful.

  5. Very beautiful and full of meaning … thank you,

    • Thank you Daniela. Wish you have a wonderful day ahead.


  6. Awesome poetry. 🙂

    • Thank you Ela. I like to have conversation with my heart, who let me see many wonderful things I would never have seen, and I can see the same in you too. Gald that I have found you too.


      • My brother,
        the heart is the only good eye that we have in this life. Did you see the motto on my blog?
        “One sees clearly only with the heart.The essential is invisible to the eye.”Little Prince
        Thank you 🙂

      • Shamefully I have not read the little prince, but I always am attracted to the cover, the little boy among the stars. I will definitely learn to see more by reading your blog!


      • Thank you so much KC. Reading the book is a joy, it’s never too late for it. 😉

      • And Happy New Year, I think you just celebrate now. 🙂

      • Thank you Ela, my parents are the continent that I lived, and when they have gone, I feel like drifting between the islands. So now, I am at the airport now, on a journey home to visit my old friends in my home town in Miri, Borneo. So I celebrate this Chinese New Year by visiting old friends of my secondary school, and to visit one of my friend’s mom who just recovered from the chemotherapy and that I have not seen for the last 20 years.

        Wish you a Happy and Prosperous ‘Snake’ year :)!


      • Thank you, Happy Prosperous Snake Year to you too, KC!!!!
        Enjoy your visit and travel safely, share your love and wisdom, enjoy seeing again dear friends.
        May you be happy and blessed every step that you take. 🙂

  7. Your name means “praying for spring water.” How lovely! As are your posts. Do you have all the spring water you need, I wonder? I suspect you have it in abundance.

    • Dear Cindy

      Yes, it means praying for spring water, water can mean prosperity, but I guess I only go for the second meaning, wisdoms. I do not know if this is my parents’ original intention for the name, it certainly is what I am looking for :).

      Thank you and glad to see you here.

  8. what a beautiful expression of love!

    • What we have written is always what our heart wish, because it is the element lost or lack in our life. I have loved before, and I always put an effort to improve myself. May be I am slow to learn, but whenever I am making a change, it is definitely for the good, and for the heart =).


  9. 无为 在我的理解范围 是大公无私

    只是我的想法 😄😄😄

    • 无为是一种对人生豁达的态度,遵循自然的法则。比如说河水不可以阻挡,但要懂得苏通。阻挡是有目的的去做短期的应对,苏通是长期的。人生里来挑战不是像苏通河水一样容易的事,和可以那么容易看到。再比如说你现在非常生气,但是你还是坚持要现在把事情做好,就是违反妳自然的反应,你可以选择先平复自己的气愤,然后想清楚如何把事做好。等待平静,是无为里的有为。

      • 我消化不了,脑筋现在打结着…….

  10. I looooove this poem

    That’s one of the best thing happening in this world

    May I borrow it to dedicate to my loved one 😀

    • yes, of course, it is for the World for what I have written 🙂

  11. Many thanks 😄😄😄

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