A Quote by Richard Feynman

All trace of sadness forgotten, I bet I can show you a better way home.

– Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, 1918-1988.

This is a quote taken from an article http://longnow.org/essays/richard-feynman-connection-machine/ . For every physicist and undergraduate student taking the subject physics, no one would not know Richard Feynman, not only he was excellent in his scientific research, but he was just absolutely an unconventional person. He enjoyed science like no one else. When I read his books, and see the video of his interviews, he explained science like telling a story. Most importantly, I never see any scientist, or even anyone, to speak in such a joyful manner, like a child explaining to his parents what he did, not the other way round. Another description that moved me in the article is:

‘Actually, I doubt that it was “progress” that most interested Richard. He was always searching for patterns, for connections, for a new way of looking at something, but I suspect his motivation was not so much to understand the world as it was to find new ideas to explain. The act of discovery was not complete for him until he had taught it to someone else.’

One of the books that has profound influence on me is the biography written by James Gleick on Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman. The thing that fascinated me most is his personal character on making things simple for everyone to understand. This is the principle I adopted for myself throughout my life.

Kee Chua,
2013 May 26


4 Responses

  1. I have watched a few interviews of videos with RF speaking. And yes, I could understand (a little 😦 ) and enjoy his views and explanations. I remember he looked very relaxed and folksy in the video I saw. Just a friendly conversation about the world around him. You listened. You didn’t listen for a speech with 3 points and details. You listened and I think I might say with your heart. And he made you glad you had stopped by.

    • I am not even 1%as good as him in doing science, but one thing might be close to him is to do almost everything I do with a joyful heart :). His book ‘surely you are joking mr. Feynman’, it is such a funny book that he wrote about himself.

      I just wish that not because of him many more people are doing science (just a detective job to rediscover what nature had discovered), but really about to do things with a joyful heart.


  2. Qiquan, I’m planning to read Gleick’s book myself. I love a good biography and quantum mechanics has always interested me. Perhaps you have seen the movie, titled Infinity, about Feynman’s sad and unusual relationship with his wife.

    • Dear Thomas, it is a wonderful biography to read and after more than 14 years after I have read the book, I still remember many vivid scenes as described in the book, like in Los Alamos, and playing the drums. I should revisit the book. I remember because there are so many interesting to write about Feynman (well as compared to Steve Jobs, sometime it is not the writer’s capability). I vaguely remember Feynman relationship with his wife, I just remembered that he was sad when she was lying in the hospital. Another thing I respect Feynman is, that he is really interested in doing science, and not sometimes about woman =). Thank you for pointing me to Infinity, I will certainly watch the movie!


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