My world through the lens


Donah has a very nice blog about beauty and blogging. I saw how her website has transformed in recent year to become the look of a professional website. There are a lot things and experiences we can learn from her. A few weeks ago, Donah asked me to write a guest post about my photography for her , so I gladly agreed and it was published on her website a few days ago. Only now do I have the time to introduce the post here in my blog.

Thank you once again Donah, for a wonderful friendship. Thanks to all the bloggers who have visited my simple and humble blog. The little happiness from you are the candles of my nights in the journey of life, they are brighter than the stars.

Here is the link of the guest post.

31 July 2013, Singapore.

3 Responses

  1. KC, it was such a pleasure having you on my blog and I’m so glad that you enjoyed being there, too. Thanks for sharing your passion and for showing us that a picture is definitely worth a thousand words. If you have the chance do drop by on the post to see the wonderful comments my readers have left you 😉 Have a great day! x Donah

    • Dear Donah, I do often drop by to see the comments =), it is simply great to share a wonderful experience with others, and to bring a little inspiration, and happiness.


  2. Good friendship 😀

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