Senseless Quote of the Furry World Photo Series

7 Responses

  1. Cats teach us to be good leader?
    Gee… I never know cats have this characteristic .
    What I know about cats is they are very ego only.

    • Good question, that’s what I want to write a short paragraph next.This morning I was thinking that I should elaborate on this. I need to keep publishing and I hope that I am more skillful and efficient in writing.

  2. A Giraffe is born……..

    • 啥意思?我快写好了你的问题,后天发表可以吗?

  3. 我是你的老板吗?晕

    • 哦是,老板。

  4. […] discussion is related to the post… //To tolerate and to forgive are not easy things to do, and I believe most of the people and […]

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