Earth’s Call Photo Series


I dance with the wind,
I dance with the light,
I dance with the flowers,
I dance with the stars.
with the humble you,
I dance with your heart,
with the humble world,
I dance for my life.


– 祈泉,2014年10月11日于新加坡


Earth’s Call Photo Series is created for the love of nature, and this includes the human kind. A harmony relationship between Mother Nature with the human kind has been suggested in ancient philosophy like the book Tao De Jing (道德经), also known by the author of the book Lao Tze or Lao Zi(老子). The adjective ‘important’ is insufficient to describe the importance of nature. Nature, is the fundamental of our very existence, of our happiness, of the growth of our wisdom, and of love. It is the home of our heart.

11 Responses

  1. Your Chinese version is my preference


    • Thanks, I think so too, I have a feeling the last sentence in English was not good enough.

      • What do you think of my interpretation, “In life I dance and dance”?

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I wanted to say the when the World is humble, that those who think that they are insignificant could feel proud to celebrate and be happy with their lives. So that’s why I dance for my life, but somehow it is not powerful enough the message.

      • True that the message is not strong enough after translation occurs.

      • I agree with you. I often write in both English and Chinese, interchange them when I am writing, then try to translate into one and another, and often rewrite a few sentences and scrap them off and the process took many times. but I have to say I am brought up in a Chinese medium school, my English is a limited company. 🙂

      • I see 🙂 and so do I tend to write in both languages then translate to either languages.

      • That’s very interesting. I think this is because we even form the sentences in our mind in either languages. I think it is very useful because somehow we have two persons in our mind to criticize the work we have written, until both of them are happy with each other.

      • Yea, it is interesting to think about this issue. Do it mean if I know three languages, I have three persons in my mind to criticize the work I have written? XD

      • The answer is not three, but more. I did not want to give an impression of mental patient of me, with writing poem for example I have many people standing in a queue to criticize me, sometime an old man, sometimes a woman, or a kid, or a cat, but these two imaginary persons, who speak English and Chinese, often laugh at me the way I am writing.

      • Even I do not want to give an impression of mental patient. True. I often have a few imaginary person laughing at my writing. All kind of people XD

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