A magical moment

《神奇的时刻》A magical moment

A magical moment knocks at your dream in the first light of the morning. She asks, do you wish to come with me to the enchanted forest?




7 Responses

  1. Do you go to the magical forest?


    • yes, I have been to many many magical forests/jungles =)

      • Literally? 🙂

      • It’s depending on how we perceive nature. I had been staying several times in the deepest part of the jungles in Malaysia, so exhausted, and yet so fun. Once I was go for a short visit to KL, and then my colleagues and I went to the river where there was a lot of firefly. Was amazing, it was like the river of stars around the forest along the river. Is magical to me! Every city should plants as many trees as possible, it has a magical power to keep our heart calm, with the song of the birds =).

      • Agree 🙂

  2. 学长有精益求精的精神喔!赞!
    (Rewrite the words of your photograph)

    • 因为我(真的)觉得自己不太聪明,必须靠一点一点的努力。而且真正会写的人,一天10多小时都在努力呢!我能一天至少两小时就好开心了。没什么,只是娱乐自己,娱乐人生。

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