The beauty of the world


May be the beauty of the World does not lie in its hidden perspective, perhaps it lie within our heart.

– 祈泉,2014年2月18日于新加坡


5 Responses

  1. Indeed


    • I really hope that the people have a more complete view of the world around us, to discover the beauty of nature/people, is to take the path for self discovery (which is related to completeness I posted earlier).

      • Of course, the path of self discovery is needed. I wonder how many people go through such path.

      • May be we have to think that to find one as the companion in our life is something to celebrate, but ultimately is about our own journey and adventure, regardless if there is someone or no one. I always believe there is a lot more for us to discover. As Tagore has written: His mornings are new surprises to God.

      • Yea, it is our own journey 🙂

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