A garden

《一座花园》A garden

Some say the flower it is from the heaven, if this is true, will I find a garden in your heart?


//The flower in the photo is Anthurium Andreaenum (花烛属), for more info go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthurium

8 Responses

  1. Can find garden in the hearts of goodness dwells despite setbacks


    • The legend has it that only those who has been to hell glimpse the path to heaven. (may be is only my legend) =)

      • Dear senior

        My opinion is as follow :

        Those who has been to hell, may identify the path to heaven


      • Dear junior

        Hell is the doorway to Heaven for those who walk through without being touched by hatred, and anger. Unfortunately I am still not good in control my temper yet! and almost want to curse myself (listen here come the curse). :..(

      • Could be 🙂

      • You want to curse yourself!!!!!
        What happen?????

      • I mean I am not doing good enough to my own expectation la. That’s why achieving completeness is a far far dream, but never give up, never surrender. 😀

  2. 😅😅
    I thought you got into what kind of misfortune…
    Ok ok =)

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