The Cat and the Leader

My friend asked me, what lessons can a cat teach us in order to become a good leader? Allow me to tell the story from one of my mistakes. My younger sister brought a cat to our family sometime ago, and I tried to discipline the cat like a dog. As you can imagine, I failed squarely. This is not a lesson only about knowing the differences between cats and dogs, but to remind me although dogs’ obedient make us feel superior, nonetheless the pride and ego of the cat can thwart this sense of superiority. Ever since that I do not harass the cat to listen to me, she has been getting friendly with me, and occasionally trying to play with me. This opens my mind about the qualities of being a good leader is to accept and tolerate the diversity in characters, behaviors, and ideas of people, and furthermore to guide them in an appropriate way so that we reach farther and higher goals (in life) together. Do you agree? One more thing, dogs and cats can easily forgive people’s mistake and to love them again, so why can’t us human do the same?

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//To tolerate and to forgive are not easy things to do, and I believe most of the people and including I feel the same. However, we should not resist to have incremental improvement for ourselves each and everyday in the hope that when we look back at the distance we have covered, it would be an important journey in life.




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  1. True that cats and dogs can forgive others easily. To add more, children also forgive easily. After quarrel, they are back together again. This is a good eye opener for the adults.

    • It is true that children and animals can teach us a lot about care, love and forgiveness. Most of the time although we want to be an observer of the World but often only to see ourselves in the mirror.

      • For me, I dislike to be an observer. Most of the time, I love to participate in it. Maybe I am being a weirdo. Many people are finding me a weirdo. Though it is hurting, now I just don’t care.

      • I don’t think is weird. There are some who are observer but some who are participant, but even between observers there are differences. There are people like me often create another me to observe myself. So effectively we are becoming both a participant and an observer. Especially when we discover that our children become like a mirror to our own behavior, this is what I meant by the world is a mirror to our actions.

      • I see. Even after participate, I also observe and reflect my life. True. I never expect I become like a mirror to my parents.

  2. 无限感慨啊!



  3. 我们人比较不容易原谅别人,也许是因为执着。

  4. 如果可以将心比心,我们比较容易包容及原谅别人。

    • 你的见解全中我想要说的。狗不能给人当一个全面的领导因为人要狗听令于人。反之,猫不接受这一套号令,所以我们必须有更多的耐心和去了解猫。更深一层,控制这一套只会给人带来慵懒,用心理解才能使我们的更能获得智慧。 我其实以为自己理解,知道对付猫儿才知道我没有融会贯通。我觉得现在也没有,这是一门学问。

  5. 我个人的意见及立场 =) :


    • 我觉得更多时候是我们是演员和观众同时进行,有时我们演的同时,也抽离自己,观察自己演的哪里好与不好,学习别人的表情演技,和其他观众讨论角色的好坏潜能或局限性。

      • 我得再思索、消化你以上说讲!

      • 我觉得我还不满意自己的解释,你也让我想想。

  6. =)

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