How do I interpret completeness of life? Completeness has a profound meaning in Buddhism. However, I want to see completeness as something simpler, that is to discover our inadequacy in life, and to make improvement to ourselves. Just like when there is light, there is shadow, or the complete cycle of a day that consists of the day time and the night. The completeness of life to me superficially is about to play the roles as children, as brothers and sisters, as parents or as friends as we going through different stages in life. In a more elaborate understanding, and to refer from Lun Yu*, is to have the heart of care and love for any old or young one by taking them as our own elders, or children. Completeness as in the personal entity, is about to break free from our own pride, prejudice, and ignorance. We like things that we deemed beautiful, like a pretty child, or a person who is handsome or beautiful. In completeness sense, the question is how can we assess various characteristics of a person in a just way, and to give these characteristics the credit as much as their appearance. On top of these assessments, ultimately is about our heart being opened to them by considering them as our loved one. Completeness to me is not about being perfect, but being able to see the imperfections in us. We need to embrace imperfections in us, so that we know that we can become a better person in each and everyday. To me, life is an adventure about self discovery. What do you think?

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圆满对我来说是什么意思呢?圆满在佛教里意义深远。但对我来说只是简单的指时刻都看到人生和自己的不足,然后改进。圆满有如光与影同时的存在,如白天和黑夜互相的交替而形成的一天。人生过程的圆满,表面上在于经历为人儿女、为人兄弟姐妹、为人父母或为人朋友的不同人生的阶段。更深一层的意义就论语来说,就是我们能不能做到老吾老以及人之老,幼吾幼以及人之幼的时时刻刻保有一种关怀与爱的心态。就个人而言,圆满是自己能否打破迷惘。好比每个人都喜欢美丽的事物,如美丽的孩子或美丽的人。但是我们能不能对一个人的其他的方方面面给予更公正的评价呢? 当然在公正之上,还有对他人有如对自己亲人的理解与关爱。圆满指的不是完美,而是能接受自己的不完美而尽力的在生命的每一天做好自己。人生对我来说犹如踏上发现自己的冒险。你认为是吗?


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Do you agree that life is not about living towards death, but instead towards completeness?

– 祈泉,2014年2月16日于新加坡


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