The interpretation of Life (II): A big dream and a routine life

I quit my job as a researcher a couple of months ago. It was my passion to be a scientist, to understand the nature, and to discover a whole new world. The burning flame of this passion is subsiding now, because everyday I am reading news about how human has transformed our world with the technology in worst unimaginable ways. Science and technology has certainly ‘improved’ our life with some conveniences, such as how you can see my writing from another corner of the world in an instant. We are enjoying our lives at the expenses of our future generations and other living things on this planet.

I loved the story of the book ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’. It is about a seagull who dreams to become better in flying with wings rather than just to use the seagull’s wings for finding food in a routine life. The mentioned seagull wants to learn something different each and everyday. It is a story about pursuing a dream with our heart. Is not this a reflection of my life? When I look back to the history of mankind since the industrial revolution, I realise a little bit more about the world around us. The dream we dream, is not an individual dream, or is isolated. Our dreams are always linked with the world through someone or something in a vast invincible networks that we do not perceive.

This world is so complicated with the networks that we can see, but also those that we cannot see. The scientists or others might have their own big dreams to understand the world around us, but eventually these understandings will be translated into technology to help us in our routine life in gaining more wealth by exploring the resources of this planet, or to manipulate the world around us. We simply reduce the meaning of happiness into a simple equation by mixing it with hunger for power, fame and wealth. So what should I do in life? My decision of quitting my job may not cause a ripple in this world, but I wish it is the first step of my journey to seek the happiness for myself, and may be for the world. I want to be in the part of a routine cycle for an extraordinary life for love, that is how much we have taken from this world, give it back to this world and to our future generations, including our love and happiness.

Kee Chua


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